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Board & Strategy work is delivered by our founder Wayne Gibbins. He bring's experience of operating in startups over twenty year across a range of functions. Combined with three years working in Venture Capital investing in B2B SaaS companies, being on both sides of the investment table and a strategic exit; he brings insights, a strong network and intelligence to early stage boards, founders and their exec teams.

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On contract or as fractional CxO:
Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Positioning & Messaging, GTM Strategy, ICP development, Marketing Strategy, Partnerships Strategy, Agile Marketing Experiments, Metrics Development, Tooling, Hiring Plans, Next Round Fundraising Support and Strategic Exit & Investor Readiness

Board Meeting


Attendance at regular board meetings supporting founders & management teams to drive growth, strategic planning & decision making, corporate events (inc M&A, fund raising and exits) and governance. Utilising both personal experience and an extensive network.

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A planned program to prepare for fundraising events. This involves a process of calls and offline reviews of decks, models, diligence checks and other areas that will be evaluated by a professional investor. Supported by documentation and templates.



If you're investing in AgTech and would like independent third-party due diligence support we can offer: Overall pitch feedback, general business dd, market & competitor diligence, GTM strategy assessment, product and engineering or technical due diligence, team interviews and more.

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